The Heart-Stopping Moment a Loose Horse Races Through Spectators at the Racetrack

The video starts already in action. The race has begun, there is already a leader in the front of all the horses and behind all of them there is a lose horse with a cart atttached – the sulky. This type of racing is called harness racing which why the horses aren’t galloping but pacing. The sulky’s wheels were already broken, maybe this was the cause of the driver falling off and the horse ending up in such a stressful situation.

As all horses on the racetrack pace through the grandstand, the lose horse enters the area where all spectators stood. The announcer warned the race horse drivers about the loose horse behind them while it still was on the racetrack.

The racetrack not being safe had no fence separating the horses on the racetrack and the people who were watching the race. For no surprise the horse started running through the spectators and to the grandstand. The announcer began to calmly warn the people to move out the race horse’s way because the horse was still at high speed and dragging the broken sulky behind it.


As the sulky was out of control and hitting everything around it, the horse hit a ‘no beer’ sign. The horse with the cart attached was hitting objects around him so he was also being dragged to the sides. It was a very dangerous situation, both for the horse and everyone at the race.

You can see how the horse was hitting the chairs as well but the majority of people were moved to a safe place. People were left standing in awe. The horse continued running through the grandstand and ran out towards the midway were food vans stood. Luckily, on video no people were hit by the horse, everyone moved out the way in time or were grabbing others into safety.


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