The heartwarming story of Phoenix and Ghost: true love never fades.

Phoenix and Ghost: true love never fades

This is another heartwarming story. But this story not only does this but also gives us people a good lesson. The teaching that true love never fades even in the presence of distance. This is the love story between Phoenix and Ghost. A wild stallion and mare.

Phoneix and Ghost

The story begins with:

The story begins with a lady who tends after wild horses seeing a photo of a wild horse jumping over a high fence. She is fascinated to this one-of-a-kind horse and chooses to adopt it. But it didn’t happen for another two years. She’d finally gotten the wild horse to come to her wildlife sanctuary. Phoenix was the name given to this horse.

I goes like:

Phoenix was readily eco-friendly, but there was an issue. He seemed to be always on the lookout for something. Looked regularly at the horizon and stood gloomy all the time.
The lady saw Phoenix was missing someone and conducted the necessary investigation till she discovered he was looking for his love, a white mare named Ghost. This mare, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.
So, in order to defeat the Phoenix loneliness, they brought more horses to the park. Despite his easygoing demeanor, Phoenix was nonetheless on the lookout for ghosts.

Until one day:

Until the lady saw a photo that resembled Ghost one day. She conducted some investigation, and by some miracle, the photo she took was Ghost a few years later. They rush to adopt Ghost and bring her to the park. Phoenix, who was always looking, was no longer looking since what he was seeking for had arrived. Even at the park, they always stick together and look out for one another.

And we learn that:

In this wonderful story, we learn that real love never fades if we don’t want it to. Regardless of the distance or the time. Many thanks to Phoenix and Ghost. This is a really important lesson.


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