This miniature horse went through an amazing 1-month transformation

Caring for a horse means much more than just wanting to have a horse or the fact that we like this animal. It takes a lot more than that because these noble animals require much attention.

The connection that is formed between a horse and its owner is very strong, starting from the simple fact that a horse always feels the mood of the owner, and his behavior will always be influenced by the behavior of the owner. It is not enough to have money to buy a horse and make a stall, the horse needs attention, affection, and special care.

It warms your heart when you see a horse looking and feeling their best. In order for Yanni to be saved, the most careful attention and care were needed. But, even in a month, miracles can happen, and proper nutrition can make a huge difference. This horse felt the will and desire of its new owner for change – for him to get healthier. So he got better and better every day, and respectively, he deserved the opportunity to live and see the world with different eyes.

Horses are very loving animals and they need attention and support just like a little child. A horse must feel love and understanding, and the people around him must become his family.

An important aspect of the horse–human relationship is to try and improve the development and maintenance of a strong positive relationship. Different methods have been used to assess and improve human-horse relations, especially at a young age. They reveal that the time and type of contact all play a role, the use of familiarized social models might be a great help through social facilitation.

We are so happy Yanni was rescued in time and hope it thrives on for many, many years! We are also glad to see that he is getting its happy ending!