This video of a horse and a dog could have become viral but…

There are some videos that could have become viral.

There are certain social media videos that would almost become viral if something didn’t stop them. One such case is the video in question, which was obtained from Tik Tok. The first time a dog sees a horse, and the dog’s reaction

Dog seeing horse for the first time

What is the video about?

We’ve all heard and talked about the dog-horse bond. It is one of the most unique and well-known links. Sometimes the dog and the horse do not get along. They sometimes create an unbreakable relationship. Then there are videos that are truly unique. At the very least, as long as all of the prerequisites are satisfied.
Like in the clip, here’s a dog who meets a horse for the first time and approaches it cautiously, trying to figure out what type of creature it is.

Dog trying to approach horse

What is wrong in this video?

This video has the potential to go viral. And what isn’t in this video that isn’t going viral?
In actuality, the one who filmed the video used the Tik Tok network’s artificial intelligence to create a vocal cover. The fact is that the entire video is wonderful, but the way artificial intelligence has turned it a vocal cover falls short of people’s expectations.
It appears to be lifeless.
Just fact, if the individual had put in a little more work and care to create two voice coverings for the animals, or simply added another voice, the video would have gone viral.

dog approaching horse

Lesson to be learned?

If you want to make a viral video. Don’t overdo it and rush through it. Give it your all to the finish. And you will not damage such a fantastic film of a friendship between a dog and a horse, which is being watched for the first time. Remember this for the next time.


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