Unbelievable horse race at Newcastle

Like successful human athletes, Winning horses must consistently train to be at their competitive peak when it comes to time to perform. Trainers will carefully formulate a specific training schedule that ensures each horse will be well-rested and capable of performing their best on the race day.

The first thing to keep in mind is that getting ready early is always the best choice. Otherwise, you run the risk of making some mistakes and/or not having enough time to do everything you need. However, you should do most of the things you need to do to regularly prepare your horse for racing: every day, regardless of the races ahead!

Racing is highly regulated to ensure the participants’ safety and protect those who bet on the horses. The established safeguards mean your horse had to undergo several steps before and after he raced. Everyday training begins well before dawn, and on regular training days, a racehorse gets breakfast and then heads to the track for whatever exercise his trainer deems necessary.

In addition to exercise, nutrition is an equally important part of race preparation. Feeding a thoroughbred racehorse a simple bag of oats and a sugar cube simply will not lead to optimal performance. Some pet food supply manufacturers cater to the needs of racehorses by marketing nutritional lines of specially formulated “competition feeds”. Such foods are designed to give racehorse sustained energy and help with muscle rebuilding and repair after strenuous workouts and training sessions.

Experts recommend bathing the racehorse a couple of days before the race. Another essential aspect to consider when preparing your horse for a race is that you should take care of the health and appearance of its tail and mane. These need to be brushed appropriately and, when necessary, you should also trim them. This is very important because, without any impediment, the horse will be able to race better.

As you probably understand that preparing your horse for racing is a continuous process. If you want to train a horse that races to its ability, we, therefore, recommend you to follow it up from birth. It’s essential to monitor the racehorse constantly.