Watch in Awe as This Horse Outshines Its Owner in Yoga Poses

Everyone saw viral animals practicing yoga on the internet, cats, and dogs, but have you ever seen a horse doing yoga poses?

Horses tend to do yoga in private when no one else is around them.

There is a YouTube video published on 19 March 2018, where a horse is stretching and practicing yoga postures with his owner, that seems to encourage him and pet him after doing them correctly. The same video was posted on Facebook too, and there it went viral.

The horse’s yoga master is named Manpreet Sidhu, he works with a special school named “ The Doma India School” where they use yoga to heal ill horses, practicing it every day.

“The method is to tame the horse according to its nature, avoiding cause fear and pain, and by earning their trust and loyalty,” says their website.

What are the yoga benefits for horses?

It improves their posture, balance, and flexibility, helps with their back and chronic pain, makes them manage stress and sleep better.

How do you get to stretch and straighten your horse? Easy.

You can do this while riding or while performing certain maneuvers such as half passes and shoulder in/out.

Also, other postures can be done from the ground. There are a lot of books available that contain explanations and pictures.

Every horse needs a little time to get used to the practice and to figure out what are you really asking from them. While practicing yoga with horses, makes us earn their trust and loyalty, which is very important for the owner.

Knowing more about your horse’s body can help identify problems sooner or avoid them.

It is scientific demonstrated that spending time with horses or even practicing
yoga with them teaches us about compassion, patience and makes us more understanding people.