Watch This Cute Video Of A Girl Cuddling Up With Her Horse For A Nap

This video is cute in all ways! Starting from how cute the horse looks while napping to what a trustworthy relationship between a horse and a human looks like.

A lot of non-equestrian people are amazed by the fact that horses can and often do sleep standing. It is because deep and long sleep while lying on the ground is dangerous for a horse. If a horse was sleeping in the outdoors and was attacked, it would take a long time for a horse to stand up and run away from the danger. Although, if a horse does lay down, it is for a short time and with another horse who stays awake to be as a lookout for danger. If a lookout horse will hear or see something, it will warn the sleeping horses to stand up and be ready to run, just in case anything goes wrong.

In this video a girl films how her chestnut horse approaches her and lays down near for a nap. It is safe because they aren’t in a small stall but in a paddock which has plenty of room for the girl to move away from the horse if needed. As explained in the previous paragraph, that for a horse to lay down for a nap it takes a lot of trust in others around them, or at least a safe environment they know well enough.

As this horse knows and trusts the girl, it is confident enough about the idea of sleeping in her arms. The horse knows that nothing can go wrong when she is by his side and she will definitely warn him about any possible danger. The horse not only has a lookout for himself bus also a pillow for its head and two hands that are cuddling him.