Watch This Girl Perform a Jaw-Dropping Trick on a Moving Horse

The right moment to capture on camera is rare. Especially if you want to do a trick on a horse that is heading west. Meanwhile, the sun is sinking, and there are some clouds in the sky that have become a light orange color. This goes on to become a popular video. Some things, as seen in this video, are not possible if you are not an expert. As an illustration, imagine standing on top of a moving horse.

Girl doing tricks in a horse back

What in the world is happening?

It’s a lovely afternoon, with a lovely girl, a lovely horse, a lovely sunset, and a lovely scene. All of these factors combined to produce the perfect.
A girl attempting to perform a trick on a horse while the animal was in movement.
She was riding the horse properly at first, then she got to her feet as the animal was walking. This clearly requires prior experience.
After a few meters, the girl returns to the normal position.


girl, horse and the sunset

Choice your perfect?

What is it about this video that makes it so perfect? It is not the girl because there are more attractive females. It is not the horse because there are more attractive horses as well as smarter horses. It’s not the trick the female pulls. There are more risky maneuvers that are often executed better. It wasn’t the sun that was setting, leaving a lovely hue in the clouds. It wasn’t even the surroundings.
This entire scenario is said to be flawless because everything falls into place in the proper moment and location.
Now you must choice your perfection. Mine is the beautiful sunset.

Why this video is not viral yet?


I have no idea what is going on in the world. Neither people nor social networks. This video has every chance of becoming viral. What’s the problem?
I’m not sure.
The takeaway from this post is that it doesn’t always matter if you have all the elements in place to achieve a lot of views; you won’t get them if you don’t play the correct music.


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