Watch this injured horse’s transformation after surgery!

There has always been a problem with us, readers or viewers. Or, if you want to be a bit different about that, you can call us consumers. This problem has stood for how long the mainstream and social media have been with us. It has to do with the pick and choosing the content for us, like consumers. Have you ever noticed that you were always attracted to content “before and after”?

You can’t be blamed for that. We all have that kind of attraction toward that kind of content.

Although there has never been a straightforward solution to this addiction, pages have created one solution. This video is an excellent example of that. If someone likes one kind of content, then make that kind of content.

The transformation of a horse with a back horseshoe injury.

We don’t know for sure what the type of injury is. But as some other viewers have said, it has a high chance of being a hyperlexia of the tendon. The tendon becomes so strong that only with a surgical procedure can it return to normal.

And that is what the video is about—an injured horse before and after the surgical treatment. The horse’s owner and the veterinarian who has operated have done a great job.

The owner has done a great job choosing an excellent place to treat their horse. And the veterinarian clinic has done a great job of treating the injury.



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In the first part of the video, we see the horse can’t move normally. Then, the horse enters the clinic and leaves, walking almost normally. We say virtually because the horse is still not fully recovered. That is because it takes time to recover after a surgical operation fully.

Anyway, our ego got happy. We saw the content we wanted. We took the result we wanted. And in the end, our satisfaction reached the highest standards.

Well, partially. Because we would also like more information on what is happening, everyone who loves horses would like to know why a horse is suffering and how we can take away that suffering.

Although the video is satisfying, it lacks information on everything happening there. We need data so this situation doesn’t happen to us and our horses.

Lets us all wish for the horse’s full recovery!