When Horses Show Their Affection: Horse Delivers Flowers to Coach in Adorable Encounter

On social media, we frequently encounter lovely moments. Some are lovely, some are amusing, and some are inspiring. Then there are videos like this one, in which a small horse offers flowers to a man.

horse giving flowers to a man

I’m stopping for some moments here:

The specific location of this video is unknown. What precisely transpired or where did the incident take place? We can see that a man dressed as a coach is on his way somewhere speedily. He was running in the side of a horse, and behind him is another horse with a smaller body and no rope linked to it.
As the guy runs straight with one of the horses, the second horse comes to a halt and notices some white flowers.

the second horse stopping by the flowers

I’m taking this flower with me:

When the small-bodied horse comes to a halt, he begins to devour the white petals. But then the horse picked one of the white flowers and began galloping alongside the man, who had originally failed to notice that the horse had been left behind. The horse runs alongside the guy, who notices the horse with flowers in his mouth.

The horse taking flower

Oh, is that flower for me?

When the guy notices the horse running alongside him with flowers in his mouth, he starts laughing. Even if the horse only wants to eat the flowers, the entire action contributes to a larger flawless scene. For example, the horse was initially behind the guy. The horse was racing beside the trainer at the time, holding flowers in his mouth. The horse was chewing on the flowers at first, but when the coach sees him, he merely stares him in the eyes and stops chewing.
The horse delivered flowers to the coach, and the coach was overjoyed; this would be the ideal misleading title for this amusing scene.