Woman Catches Amish Man Drifting With His Horse On Ice

Kortney Steury was filling up for gas when she saw this amusing sight – an Amish man “drifting” with his horse and buggy in on the ice.

“I was filling up my car with gas in my hometown and noticed an Amish guy doing donuts right before my eyes on his horse and buggy,” said Steury, who filmed a short video through her car’s window in Grabill, Indiana. “We had recently had an ice storm and he was taking full advantage of the frozen parking lot.”

“Our small Indiana town has a huge Amish community and we see them every day. It was funny to me since the building in the background is the town liquor store and the fact that he had pretty impressive drifting skills on that buggy,” Steury continued. “He was waiting for his friend in the store and showing off to everyone else. Then his friend hopped on and they went on their way like normal.”