Blind Woman Finds Freedom and Independence with Her Trusty Miniature Horse Guide!

In a heartwarming video that has captured the attention of many, we meet Mona Ramouni, a Michigan woman who has been blind since infancy. Mona’s desire for independence led her on a unique journey to find a companion who could assist her, and that’s where Cali, a trained miniature horse, enters the picture.

Kelly, as Mona affectionately calls her guide horse, is part of a growing trend of guide horses for the blind. The duo is still in the process of getting to know each other, navigating their way through life together. Since Mona follows the practices of her Muslim faith, having a dog as a guide animal was not an option for her. But Kelly has become her perfect alternative, bringing newfound independence into her life since their meeting in 2008.

While Kelly has received professional training, there are innate qualities that make horses excellent companions, both large and small. They have the ability to remain calm even in the midst of chaotic situations, as evident in their use by the police and cavalry. With remarkable memory and exceptional vision, horses can recall dangerous situations and lead their handlers to safety, even in near-total darkness.

Of course, having a guide animal that is out of the ordinary can draw attention and sometimes invite negative comments or reactions from people who may not understand. However, it’s important to note that service animals, including guide horses, cannot be denied access to public places. Despite these challenges, Kelly has transformed Mona’s life, altering her perspective and opening doors to new possibilities. Prior to Kelly, Mona didn’t feel confident enough to venture out alone, but with her miniature horse companion, she has gained newfound independence and self-assurance.

One remarkable advantage of training miniature ponies as guide animals is their longer lifespan compared to dogs. This means that Mona can rely on Kelly’s assistance for an extended period. Additionally, horses can be trained for toilet or house habits, relieving themselves on command. Even racehorses are asked to go before a race, not only to lighten their load but also to prevent any distractions during the race itself.

The heartwarming bond between Mona and Kelly serves as a testament to the incredible companionship and assistance that horses can provide. It’s a reminder that unconventional choices can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Through her partnership with Kelly, Mona has found a trusted companion who enables her to navigate the world with newfound confidence, proving that limitations can be overcome with determination and the right support.

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