Horse with Shockingly Long Hooves Finally Gets Rescued and Gets The Care He Deserves!

Witness the shocking rescue video of a neglected horse with the longest hooves – a case that will break your heart. In this heart-wrenching story, the horse’s neglect and suffering are brought to light, but thankfully, there are caring individuals ready to step in and provide the love and care he deserves.

Part three of this rescue mission shows the horse receiving much-needed attention and care. Despite being in a loopy state due to pain medication, he relishes his first bath, a moment of relief and tender care amidst the stress he has endured. It’s a small gesture, but one that brings a glimmer of hope and comfort to this suffering creature.

As the veterinary team plans the horse’s treatment, they begin the arduous task of trimming his overgrown hooves. Contrary to misconceptions, this process is painless, similar to clipping one’s fingernails. Careful consideration is given to ensure the horse’s well-being, waiting for x-rays to be completed to avoid further complications.

A sore caused by the prolonged rubbing of his hoof against his leg is discovered, adding to the list of ailments this horse has endured. Approximately 10 pounds of excess hoof are removed, but the process is far from complete. The horse is taken to a quarantine stall at the vet clinic to rest and recuperate, preparing for the next phase of his journey to recovery.

Days of rest and dedicated care follow as the horse’s strength is slowly restored. Undergoing anesthesia, the remaining excess hoof will be removed, allowing him to start anew. The veterinary team spares no effort in ensuring his comfort, administering pain medication and providing round-the-clock care.

It’s unfathomable how someone could neglect such a beautiful creature, causing immense pain and discomfort. Yet, in the face of such cruelty, there are compassionate souls who intervene, offering the love and kindness this horse desperately needs. This rescue mission serves as a reminder that there are still good people in the world, willing to fight for the voiceless and provide them with the care they deserve. As we bear witness to his journey, our hearts break for the suffering he endured, but they also swell with gratitude for those who stepped in to make a difference.

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