Laugh-Out-Loud Video: Horse Wears Pessoa System for 3 Years, Still Bucks in the Funniest Way!

Get ready to laugh out loud as you watch this hilarious video of a horse being overdramatic and bucking with grace and humor. Despite wearing the Pessoa system for three years, this horse still knows how to put on a show!

For those unfamiliar with the Pessoa system, it’s designed to encourage horses to properly engage their hind end and use their bodies effectively. It consists of a loose bungee cord that helps the horse figure out the correct way to move.

In the video, you can’t help but chuckle as the horse’s back end starts working and it begins its series of elegant bucks. What’s even funnier is that while bucking, the horse still trots on the front, creating a comical contrast of movements.

It’s worth noting that even after three years of wearing the Pessoa system, this horse’s reaction remains delightfully overdramatic. However, it’s important to clarify that this behavior is not a sign of stress. If the horse were stressed there would be signs such as, its ears would be pinned, it would make more noise, or exhibit different bucking behavior.

Introducing new equipment to horses takes time for them to adjust. This video showcases a perfect example of how to safely and gradually introduce new things to horses, ultimately helping them become well-rounded and obedient, although in a funny way.

So, enjoy the entertainment of this horse’s humorous antics and remember that even in the equine world, there’s always room for a little fun and laughter. Just remember to appreciate the beauty and elegance of those bucks while you’re laughing along!

@rhiandbea So dramatic!! #equestrian #horse #equine #horses ♬ original sound – Rhiann Stevens

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