Meet Wendy & Waleska: The Most Beautiful Black Forest Draft Twins

Long-running blond hair, striking eyes, and well-shaped body- the Black Forest horse could as well be the top model among the cold-blooded breeds. It is not for nothing that Manfred Weber from the Baden-Württemberg Breeding Association explains the breed with the subsequent words: “The Black Forest is the Arabian horse among the cold-blooded breeds.” The Black Forest Horse has survived and has been seen more than 600 years ago in Germany.

They were well accustomed to reclamation and logging work in the steep and dense area of the Black Forest, and this region was the reason why they were named the Black Forest. They are draft horses and like all the other draft horses they also have enormous power, strength, and gentle nature.

But unlike most draft horses who are largely utilized for pulling, the Black Forest horses can completely be utilized as pleasure horses including riding, packing, etc. Furthermore, they are wonderful horses for amateurs or people who have never owned a horse before. As we mentioned above, The Black Forest Horse is utilized for several exercises but rarely as a ranch heavy draft horse.

They are excellent riding horses and because of all these marvelous features that this breed holds, they are growing in numbers not only in their birthplace but all over the world. In the video shown below, you are going to see two beautiful Black Forest horses performing at the NW Horse Expo in Albany, Oregon. Make sure to watch them perform in the video below!

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