Rider Blames Her Horse For Falling Off Its Back And Starts Kicking It

It is really shameful for riders to blame their horses for something they know horses would do, as horses are so unpredictable. But it is even more shameful to kick it when you are the one to make mistakes and not treat it as it deserves. What you are going to watch is a video showing how a rider falls off her horse and blames the horse for what happened.

And this is not all because instead of being understandable and showing love she kicks it, and this is a sorry excuse for a human being. The fact that the horse is expertly backing away from her means that probably she has done this before and the horse knows how to get out of the way.

He reacts as though he is well aware of what is about to happen and obviously he has dished out this kind of punishment before. It is absolutely a disgusting and disgraceful behavior. We feel that this abusive behavior should in no way happen! Watch the video and share your opinions with us!