So adorable: This newborn foal already has a friend for life.

You know what it’s like with friendships – some are for life. Well, this 12 hours old foal and this kid, who is giving it a lot of sincere love, are already friends. They are going to be great buddies for sure. This young man cares about his little horse and shows how much he cares and loves him. So their life has already started, and he is a lucky little horse.

Foaling season is an exciting time around any stable, especially for kids. Breeding stables often have many foals being born around the same time. And, of course, owners are excited to greet a new addition to their four-legged family when their beloved mare gives birth.

It takes around 11 months for a foal to develop inside of the mare fully. Therefore, some foals can be several weeks late or early. Occasionally, a foal can be up to four weeks late. Most breeders try to time foaling for early spring so the foal can grow and exercise throughout the summer months.

Foals can stand, walk, and trot a very short time after birth. Ideally, a foal should be up and nursing within two hours of birth. If the foal takes longer, it may be a good idea to call the veterinarian. Many breeders maintain that filly foals are quicker to get on their feet and nurse than colts. Foals can gallop after about 24 hours so that they can play with your kid.

Because the foal has no immune system of its own, an infection can set in very rapidly. So you have to be very careful, and you also need to teach your kids to be careful. The foal’s umbilical stump must be disinfected for a few days after birth and watched for any signs of illness.

Foals are most often born at night, and birth often happens very quickly. So it’s not unusual for an owner to nap by the stall, then run and grab a quick cup of coffee or take a bathroom break only to find a foal waiting for them when he or she returns. In the wild, this nocturnal and rapid birth helps protect a mare and foal from predators when they are most vulnerable.

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