Watch How Adorable Haflinger Foal Steals the Show at PA Horse World Expo

Get ready to be amazed by the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen! Meet Blitz, a 21-day-old Haflinger foal who stole the show during the Parade of Breeds at the 2010 PA Horse World Expo. With his adorable looks and playful demeanor, Blitz captured the hearts of everyone who saw him.

Watching Blitz run around the arena, it’s easy to see why people love foals so much. They’re full of energy and joy, and watching them is pure happiness. But it’s not just the foal that’s impressive – the mare is just as amazing. She’s so well-trained that she’s able to stick to the program while her playful little one runs rampant. It’s a testament to the bond between a mare and her foal.

As any mom can attest, it’s not always easy to steal the show when you have a cute kid with you. In this case, the mare was perfectly content to let her foal take center stage. And who could blame her? Watching Blitz run around and elicit “aww”s and giggles from the audience was pure joy.

But it’s not just the audience that was captivated by Blitz. His own mother was watching him closely, making sure he didn’t get into any trouble. It’s clear that she’s been well-trained, and she knows how to keep her little one safe.

Watching Blitz and his mom interact is a reminder of the special bond between a mare and her foal. Foals stick close to their mothers for a reason – they feel safe and protected. And as we watch Blitz run around the arena, it’s clear that he feels completely at home with his mom by his side.