Beautiful! Girl gets challenged on Tik Tok but the results will amaze you!

The challenges with best photo

Have you ever heard the word challenge? It is a term commonly used in social networks where a person challenges a group of people to do something. Today’s video has to do with this part. A girl with her horse responding to a challenge.Girl and horse running

The challenge?

The challenge is titled “your favorite sport and the finest image that has resulted from this sport.” This challenge has been performed by a girl and her horse. And I can tell that the image that resulted was out of the usual. The same as the girl and the horse.
The horse first rushes, while the girl standing above him is not even held, but just stands straight with her hands crossed on top of each other.


Horse running and stopping directly

How it ended?

After doing a few meters run the horse makes an immediate stop and consequently slipping with both hind legs. While the girl is still with her arms crossed and unrestrained. The horse slides for almost two meters. We can not say that the horse stopped because it was ordered. But we can not say that the horse is photogenic and stopped at the right moment. What we do know is that the combination of time, place and objects is perfect.

Perfect photo

What happened?

Photography must have been an expert in that field because he was in perfect position. Meanwhile what happens is as explained above. After the horse made a few meters he stopped immediately and made the girl look like she was the final boss of a game. While the horse himself looked like he was the smartest creature in the picture as his eyes meet the camera and it looks like they are doing a race over who would close his eyes first.
The horse is calm and focused on only one thing. Bring the final boss and do it with as many effects as possible.


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