Hilarious Giant Horse Teaches Neglected Horse How To Play

Each horse has its own unique personality and quirks, but some horses stand out from the rest. Phantom is one of those horses. He’s basically a puppet stuck in the body of a seven-year-old giant horse, but that’s what makes him so endearing. He is a giant horse with a bubbly and goofy personality who loves belly rubs and swimming. He’s often described as a Great Dane and is always there for his friends like he did with Teton.

Teton was in his early thirties and in a lot of pain due to a deformed and holey hoof when hw came into the rescue. He couldn’t walk very far and was very sore. Phantom knew that Teton wasn’t going to be able to run around in the field like the other horses, so he took it upon himself to be Teton’s friend and encouragement. Despite being younger than Teton, Phantom seemed to have an innate understanding of what his older friend needed.

Together, Phantom and Teton went on adventures, including a trip to the creek where they both splashed around and had a great time. It’s incredible to see the bond between these two horses, especially given their age difference. Teton, typically the older and wiser of the two, was looking to Phantom for guidance and support.

Phantom wasn’t just there for Teton during the fun times; he also stood by Teton during his medical care. When Teton was feeling down or having a bad day, Phantom was there to offer comfort and encouragement. The team at Gentle Giant staff handled the medical side of things, while Phantom took care of Teton’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Thanks to the care and attention of the team at Gentle Giant staff, and the support of his new friend, Teton has made an incredible recovery. He went from being sad and sulking to running around his field, happy, healthy, and strong. The bond between these two horses is truly remarkable, and we’re so lucky to have such caring people taking care of them. Bless you, Gentle Giant staff, for all that you do for these gentle giants.