Budweiser Clydesdale Ads Bring Magic In The Horse World!

It was thirty years ago when the Clydesdales made their Super Bowl Commercial debut and since then they have gained such popularity that people eagerly wait for the horses to be seen in other Super Bowl ads. Those horses are the most important mark of the brand and horse lovers just love watching the Clydesdales in action.

What you are going to watch in this video is a collection of training and behind the scenes clips that they shot over the past 15 years while working with these glorious big hearted horses. Many of you might have wondered what happened behind the scenes of Budweiser’s commercials and now you have the chance to watch and take a closer look to it. The Clydesdales’ success is also attributed to their trainer Robin Wiltshire who uses a reward-based system, giving the horses plenty of love and praise for their hard work.

Training is the key to success and these beautiful, strong, dynamic horses don’t lack that but keep on practicing until they do it perfectly. It is really interesting to see how some of these shots were achieved. It is such an awesome fantastic video. Amazing trainer and intelligent horses make such videos absolutely wonderful. Watch and enjoy the video!