Cutting Horse Proves Everyone That He Doesn’t Need A Rider To Finish His Job

There are some horses who manage to do great on their own even in situations when a rider is needed. Horses are very intelligent animals and if you train them well, they can do great things even alone. They learn to be independent and act on their own just like they would do if their handler would be there. For example, the horse shown in the video below proved anyone that sometimes you don’t need a rider to finish the job!

I believe that you are familiar with Cutting Cattle as it is also a western-style equestrian sport, where a horse and rider operate together to show the horse’s athleticism and ability to handle cattle. It is challenging to do it even with a rider, let alone when you are working totally alone.


But the brave horse in the video proved anyone that he knew what he was doing, and handled the situation perfectly even on his own. Every move he made looked so natural like he was born to do this job.  Even though his rider wasn’t able to help him, the horse continued to do the job like a pro, showing no signs of nervousness and anxiety with the cows.

He was able to finish the work and proved everyone that horses can do amazing things even without a rider under their back. Horses are very intelligent creatures and this video is a great example! Make sure to watch what happened in the video shown below. I am pretty sure that you will be fascinated by it!