Easter bunny riding his horse with a herd of sheep’s

Because very soon it’s Easter, here is a cute video with the Easter bunny riding his horse and enjoying a beautiful, sunny day.

Springtime is the best time to take your horse out for a ride, maybe on an open meadow or on some wide forest roads. I’m sure your horse will enjoy every second of breathing some fresh air.

Also, whether you had an easy winter living on the west coast or a harsh winter on the east coast, there will be a spring “to do” list for your horses. After the first few days of reasonable weather, it’s time to clean the indoor water and feed buckets. Plus, in terms of health, review health records: vaccinations, deworming, and dental assessments are routine for health maintenance. Visit a veterinarian if you are unsure of what is needed.

Many horses benefit greatly from time off from a demanding work schedule. Two to three months of rest allows time for recovery and healing and for the mental relaxation of just being a horse.

As spring temperatures warm, you’ll want to adjust and fine-tune his diet accordingly while accommodating his level of exercise. Warm weather requires fewer calories, but exercise burns more. Constantly monitor your horse’s body condition: you should be able to lightly run your hand across his ribcage and feel the last two ribs. An overweight horse puts more strain on his joints and has difficulty improving his fitness.

To really enjoy Spring with your horse, take advantage of spring sunshine and daylight saving time to go on longer rides. Also, do a little spring cleaning. Go through your tack room and toss anything that’s past its prime, expired, or hopelessly beyond repair. Make an exercise plan for your horse. You want to gradually work him back into shape. Or just go walking on a meadow with your sheep friends, like in this Easter-themed video.


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