Excited Horse Plays By His Own Rules During The Performance

In the horse world, we have seen a lot of amazing performances that had a big impact in the audience. Externally, there are a lot of these people who do not consider the horse performances difficult. You might have probably heard people saying ‘Nothing that any other performer can’t do’  or ‘Is this supposed to be difficult’ and all these saying come from people who know very little about horses and have never tried to even ride one, leave alone do all the amazing moves during the performance.


Well, let me tell you that it is not easy to have a perfect performance as there are a lot of struggles that cannot be seen by the audience members. It takes a lot of time to mentally prepare your horse for the performance because horses might get easily distracted or intimidated by huge audiences. One of the worst things that can happen is when your horse delivers an amazing performance during the rehearsals and when it comes the time for the real performances, it might end up being a total mess because your horse simply decides to disobey.


Such example you will be able to see in the video below. Horses can easily be spooked by unknown noises, moves or situations, and to us that might look like a reaction for no reason. Situations like that are not easy to handle with, and only more experienced riders can get things back to normal. Skills and knowledge is what you need to keep your horse under control when he gets scared.


Paige Burton had this sort of issue with her loving horse Carlino on their final jump during a competition. Carlino got excited from something and he decided to jump out of the ring. Paige lost her right rein, so she held herself on the left one with her wrist wrapped around the reins, and remained calm. They got back inside the ring, and Paige had everything under control.



Everything was really scary for a moment but thanks to the experience and professionalism of Paige, they managed to finish their performance like true champions. To be honest, I really like when such moments happen because they really show the true potentials of the riders, how well can they manage such situation and Paige did it effortlessly. Please have a look and let us know what you think about this incredible performance. Enjoy!