Extreme transformation from angry unrideable to showjumper in 6 months

Horses are athletic animals that have this quality in their blood, but this is only highlighted when working to get good results.

In just six months, this beautiful stallion managed to transform his qualities as a ride even if at the beginning of the training he made only a few incalculable and unimaginable jumps he managed to highlight his athletic qualities in a very short time.

With gentleness and patience is how we should treat animals and how we can train them. Horses, for example, can be taught to listen to us with kind words, without violence and torture, which makes them love their qualities because the animal feels the thoughts and the feelings of a human.

An important thing for horses is the intention and desire of their owner to get results, so once he does not give up, the horse learns the movements correctly. Everything that is done, is done with love, understanding, and patience.

Training a horse is a big responsibility and challenge, but it can be just as fun and interesting. For beginners, it is probably best to leave young beginner horses to more experienced trainers.
Young people are too unpredictable, and knowledge, timing, and skills are necessary for success. When you teach your horse something new, it means that you have also learned something, which is very satisfying. Find out what your horse should know and what you need to know to train your horse. Here are some fun, easy and safe training ideas for first-time horse owners.

To train a horse, first of all, you must have a strong emotional connection with him, he must feel comfortable and have confidence.
Second of all, you need to spend time with him to create a family atmosphere. Think positively around him, so as not to feel tension and negativity, because this will stress him terribly.

Learn to communicate with him, what he likes and dislikes, what routine he has, and try to respect it, and after you have gained his trust and offered him security, believe me, you are ready to get to work. The sooner you create an emotional connection with your horse, the sooner you will learn to highlight his qualities as an athlete, even in 6 months.