From Darkness to Light: The Inspiring Story of Bodhi the Rescued Appaloosa

Bodhi is an Appaloosa breed fool who was rescued by a girl from Poland. She knew about him when he was only a month old and reserved Bodhi to buy him when he is ready to be weaned and leave his dam.

The sad part of this beautiful friendship’s beginning were the living conditions the foal was facing at such a young age. Bodhi was closed in a dark stall and tied to a fall for a period of 5 months. Finally, the foal was loaded in the trailer for his life-changing trip to his new caring home.

As horses are young, especially just a few months old, their bones grow pretty rapidly and constantly need their halters readjusted. In Bodhi’s case, it is visible that even the halter was starting to grow into his face. Hooves for all equines are one of the most important of all the body parts. Even when a horse is healthy but its hooves are not taken care of, injuries and other health problems can appear because of the hooves alone. As it is shown, Bodhi’s hooves were horribly way too overgrown and the joints were bending in way they weren’t supposed to.

This happened because he was tied to a wall which did not allow him to move a lot in the stall for several months. Paddocks big enough for galloping and playing with other horses are necessary for horses to grow and be healthy. Both, physically and mentally. However, if a person decides to keep a horse by restricting its freedom for movement, it is obligatory to provide more attention towards caring for the hooves, by the help of a professional farrier, and give additional exercise for normal blood circulation of the hoof.

Just after a few months Bodhi was feeling, looking way better and healthier. Now he is allowed to run free in fields and play with his other friends. Have a happy childhood, Bodhi!