From Little Steps to Big Dreams: Watch this Foal Mimic its Mother’s Every Move

This delightful foal trains after his mother.

Videos where horses are being trained have not been and continue to be out of focus. But we can not pass and just ignore such a video just because there is a part training. This delightful foal trains after his mother.

foal training after mare

What is happening?

What happens in this short video does not have much to describe. A mare being trained by a girl behind a fence. While on the other hand a beautiful foal is imitating the movements of the mare but devoting more energy. Foal is not simply playing to expend all the energy that a little one has. He is imitating the mare in motion and posture.

The foal observes the mare and then mimics her actions. Returns to visit Mare once again. A nd repeats what Mare does. Then the cute foal begins to dance to express his joy in what he has accomplished.

foal got some moves


Friesian horses are a unique breed of horse. They are only available in one hue, which appears to be black. They are well-liked for a variety of reasons. The beauty, the regal manner, and the distinct proud walk that they have, as shown in this video.
And one technique to teach the small ones for this walk is to demonstrate how to walk while walking in this manner. And that is precisely what the video does. A gorgeous foal is being trained by a girl using a mare. The foal has some moves. He was born an artist, and he will undoubtedly become a stage superstar in the future. Little one, shine!

Now if you put such music, what do we get?
A viral video on Tik Tok. A cute, famous, Little, friesian foal.



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