A horse who is completely blind can do anything a sighted horse can

The footage seems to be emotional. It presents a blind horse that struggles but somehow he still feels and can walk without any problems.

The horse can sense the tree and doesn’t get into it while walking. Experts say that they found that in working with and around a blind horse, talking to it is the key. If you let it know where you are and what you’re doing, you won’t surprise it. So we’re constantly talking with our blind ones. When working with them. They also touch them a lot, both for reassurance and to let them know where we are.

It’s amazing that the owner of the horse from the video talks a lot and is always reassuring the horse where she is.

Every blind horse wants to enjoy life and feel loved. It’s up to their owner to make it possible.

The blind horse will still savor a scoop of grain, try to take a treat out of your pocket, and knicker at the sound of your footsteps. It will want to do everything a sighted horse will do and enjoy it just as much because there is no difference between them.

Everyone should know that caring for a blind horse is really not any more difficult than caring for a sighted horse. There are some common-sense precautions you have to take, but there’s nothing that should keep you from providing a safe and loving home for your blind horse.

It can be a very scary and anxious time for them, but it’s up to us to reassure them and to make them feel safe and loved by us.”