Gold Medalist Dressage Rider Shares Her Beautiful Long Experience With Her Fans

I am pretty sure that all of you have watched at least a dressage performance, whether on Youtube or in person. Apparently, there are no available dressage events during this particular time due to the situation with Covid-19, however, it is always great going back to old videos and watching the incredible performances over the years. There are thousands of dressage performances on the internet, however, only a small number of them stand out.


A lot of people explain that doing dressage takes a lot of hard work and dedication, that is why the success rate is so low as well. It is also very difficult, although people believe that it is not a hard thing to do. During an interview, a gold medalist explain what is the most difficult part of these performances. Here is the story of Charlotte Dujardin and her loving horse Valegro, also known as “Blueberry”.


She is a dressage rider from England and an Olympic Gold Medalist. Together with Valegro, they have won two gold medals in the London 2012 Olympics. Charlotte started riding when she was 3-years-old, but her family didn’t have enough money to own horses. She literally accomplished everything with lots of love and dedication, and that’s why she encourages everyone to do what they love.


She was called “the girl of the dancing horse”, and you can see why from the video below. During her training, she had to learn her horse to dance and make certain moves because perfection is what makes the winner a winner! As she said, she rides 9 horses a day, and train 7-8 hours a day. She shared that she has superstitions and always wears her lucky white britches.


The most difficult thing for her was the canter zig-zag because it requires a lot of preparation and skills. According to her Valegro only gets grumpy when he is hungry. She loves him because he always tries to please everyone and gives his best. He was always with her all the way, and has never let her down! Please have a look at the video and let us know what you think