Incredible Robot Scanner Enables 3D Imaging of Horses – Saving Lives and Money!

Would you like to ensure the best possible care for your beloved animal without the risks and complications that come with general anesthesia? Equitom’s robotic CT scanner may be just what you need.

You can now ensure your horse receives top-notch care without the risks and complications of general anesthesia, thanks to Equitom’s revolutionary robotic CT scanner. Equitom, a leading equine medical center in Belgium, has invested in an advanced robotic CT scanner that allows vets to capture standing CT images of horses without the need for general anesthesia.

The robotic CT scanner enables three-dimensional CT imaging of the horse’s bone and soft tissue structures. The scanner has two robotic arms and several cameras that record the horse’s movements while the arms rotate around the sedated horse. A computer system then converts the images into a detailed three-dimensional image, providing an unprecedented level of diagnostic accuracy and precision.

But the benefits of the robotic CT scanner don’t stop there. Equitom has set up the scanner room as a surgery room, allowing for high-precision surgical procedures to be performed under the robot’s control. This use of robotic technology in surgery is unique in the world and showcases Equitom’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of equine medicine.

Sport horses, which often have high economic value, can benefit greatly from the robotic CT scanner. Owners can obtain CT images with light sedation, allowing for diagnoses to be made before, during, or after the competition season without the need for general anesthesia. This ensures the best possible care for the horse while also giving owners peace of mind and valuable insights into their animal’s health.

Equitom’s robotic CT scanner represents a revolution in equine healthcare, with unparalleled accuracy, precision, and safety. Horse owners from Belgium and beyond are flocking to Equitom for this cutting-edge technology, and it’s easy to see why. Trust Equitom to provide the best possible care for your beloved animal.


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