Video Shows Motorbiker’s Respectful Gesture Towards Horses on the Road

We have plenty experiences and witnesses of unfortunate accidents with horses being on the roads. Most of them happen because horses are sensitive animals and get easily freaked out by big, loud machines driven by inpatient, or disrespectful drivers. It is not impossible to prevent the injuries, car wrecks, and most importantly deaths of horses and their riders. The solution which really works is slowing down your vehicle just like this motorcyclist did.

Once the motorbike comes out from a corner, the driver notices that one of the three horses got irritated by the bike’s sound. The riders of the horses thinking that the motorbike will pass through them carelessly already started turning their horses in little circles to keep them away from spooking and running off.

As the motor biker is a respectful and understanding person himself, he slowly swifts his motorbike to the side of the road and turns off the bike’s engine. Then all three horses with their riders turn back to where they were headed in the first place and continue their journey without any unnecessary problems caused for everyone involved. As the horse riders are passing, they thank the motorcyclist and he gives a nod back to them. As the horse caravan passed, the motor biker turns back on his bike and carries on with his day.

If the motorcyclist would had decided to rush through the horses, the horses could’ve ended up in many scenarios and most of them would have a negative ending. Either it’s a psychological trauma for the horses or riders of seeing a bike, or a total disaster of the horses running out to a highway, possibly hitting cars and other people. This is only one out of many examples of how a road accident including horses was avoided. With patience and respect. If you are a driver of any vehicle, or a horse, try your best being a good example as this one.