Miniature Horses Meet A Toy Horse For The First Time

We have all watched prank videos on the internet of different horses who see a toy horse for the first time. All these videos have one thing in common: horses tend to have the same reaction when they are presented with a toy horse. They have mostly been frightened by the idea of having a plastic version who looks just like them.



They usually overreact about it and after they observe the toy carefully, they panic and run away quickly. We have decided to bring to you a very interesting video of some miniature horses at Sunset Mountain Miniatures, a horse ranch in Texas owned by Daniel and Carla Crider, who meet a toy horse for the first time.


As we can see, some of these miniature horses choose to ignore the toy horse, while others are very curious and decide to go in front of him. Various studies by scientists from all over the world assume that the horse vision is truly 2-D on the sides. This means that when a horse sees anything that is horse-shaped, they immediately believe that they are watching one of their own. Since we are here, we also wanted to introduce you with these adorable miniature horse.


The most courageous horses are:

Lucky (a large dark chestnut and white gelding driving horse), MoonDust (black and white champion driving mares)

Sunshine (a little white and red halter mare).


Glory (a tiny black and white filly)

MocahDoodle (the small paint filly next to Glory)

Kissy (a black and white jumper mare), and Sobe (a large sorrel and white champion driving mare).