Special Bond- Horse becomes jealous from owner’s boyfriend

There is a strong connection between those of us who spend time with our horses, whether it is for sport or pleasure. We have always been inspired by their majesty, strength, and powerful presence.

A bond is present when the horse and the human are familiar, comfortable, and satisfied with each other during riding or training. Both enjoy being with one another, and remain focused on and connected. An obvious willing and reliable partnership are present, each half accepting and accommodating the requests of the other. The actions of each are predictable to the other. Each one is familiar with the behavior of the other and accepts it.

In this video, we can easily notice how strong is the bond between this girl and her horse. We can see that especially when the horse starts being jealous. It’s perfectly normal and understandable – this horse wants all of her attention and love. This adorable horse is the most protective one I’ve ever seen.

Of course, horses can be both loyal and protective, as most companion animals are capable of these things. It’s easier to find examples of loyalty in horses because what actions they might take if they tried to protect us is more typical of herd behavior. More precisely, they will try to behave with you in the same way as they do with other horses. It includes carefully leaning on you or using the nose to nuzzle you, as we can see in the video. Sharing body contact is one of the main ways horses share affection. Since they don’t have hands to hold or arms to give hugs, gentle leaning and even “neck hugs” will express their love.

Horses are undoubtedly affectionate animals. They will really do anything to please you and show you that they care. And the more attached your horse is to you, the greater the chances are that he will protect you in a certain situation.

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