Rescuing a horse from the brink of death: the incredible story of a woman’s mission to heal a terrified soul

Get ready to be moved by an incredible story about a woman who spent six months gaining the trust of a terrified horse. Meet Kobe – a horse who was in what’s called a kill pen and was supposed to be shipped to Canada the very next day. He was skinny and clearly very terrified in the pictures. But then something amazing happened. This woman saw Kobe’s pictures on Facebook and decided to rescue him right then and there.

The road to earning Kobe’s trust was not an easy one. He was very head shy, and it took almost a week for the woman to be able to get a halter on him. Kobe was so defensive in his body language that the woman had never seen a horse like that before. She started working with the basics and figured out what were his triggers. But every small milestone felt like a huge accomplishment – like being able to touch him without him dragging her across the next county.

The biggest fear for Kobe was people. If a stranger came along, he would become extremely defensive and fearful. The woman knew she had to form a special bond with him, and that’s exactly what she did. She spent so much time with him that it really boosted his confidence. It was a big step to sit on him for the first time and feel that connection with him. And now, Kobe is amazing. He’s pretty much the woman’s best friend, and she says that watching his personality come out has been one of the best things.

But the most incredible part of this story is that Kobe now nibbles the woman for kisses. Yes, you read that right. From a terrified horse who was in a kill pen, Kobe has turned into a big love bug. The woman says that the first time he started nuzzling her with his lips was unforgettable. And when she kissed his nose, he started giving her kisses too. It’s amazing to see how far Kobe has come and how he’s helped the woman overcome so much.

If you’re an animal lover, this story is a must-read. It’s a beautiful reminder of the power of love, patience, and trust. And it’s proof that rescuing an animal in need can truly change both their lives and yours. Kobe and the woman are living proof of that. So the next time you’re looking for a heartwarming story to brighten your day, think of Kobe and his incredible journey.