Sassy Pony Refuses To Ride And Can’t Stop Playing With His Little Rider!

I think we all agree that when we were kids, everyone’s dream was to have a pony. Even though these wonderful creatures are considered to be the same as horses, there are a lot of features that make them different from each other.



Ponies can be quite mischievous and stubborn sometimes, but children simply love them and always ask their parents to buy them one. For all the parents who are thinking of buying a pony for their kid, they should keep in mind that they also have a lot of necessities and you should look after them, just like you would do with a normal horse.



If they are well trained, there won’t be any difficulties, but if you don’t take care of them, ponies can easily become dangerous! A pony is definitely a great choice for your kid if he wants to start riding lessons.



Ponies are the best companions for kids not only for riding but also for playing or simply hanging out together. In the video shown below, we are presented with a cute pony who has decided to be a naughty boy. His owners say that he normally is very friendly and kind, but from time to time he wants to display his unique nature.



His name is Ed and in this case, he simply wanted to play with his rider. As you can see the kid it’s not bothered at all, on the contrary, he looks happy while Ed is being foolish and sassy. Watch the video below for more and please share it with your friends on Facebook!

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