Shocking Video: Horse Freaks Out at Disney World Shire! Watch the Chaos Unfold

In a stunning turn of events at Disney’s magical kingdom, the majestic Shire horse named Angus had a terrifying experience. While taking a leisurely walk down Main Street, disaster struck when a balloon became entangled around his leg. Witness the heart-pounding moment that left everyone on edge.

Meet Angus, the real-life Shire horse from the movie Brave, brought all the way from Scotland for this extraordinary event. Initially enjoying his time and craving a caramel apple like any Shire would, Angus’s tranquility quickly shattered as the mischievous blue balloon wrapped itself around his leg. His reaction was intense, showing his strong dislike for both Disneyland and bulls.

The scene unfolded rapidly, and amid the chaos, the safety of the onlookers was at stake. Fortunately, quick action was taken, and no one was harmed, except for the persistent little blue demon balloon. A near miss occurred when a brave woman attempted to intervene, risking her own safety. With a horse weighing approximately 2,800 pounds, the consequences could have been dire.

Despite the alarming incident, it’s important to remember the proper etiquette around horses. Sneaking up on them is never advisable. Letting a horse know of your presence with a gentle pat is crucial. While the horse couldn’t see the balloon, its mere presence created fear and discomfort. Thankfully, the situation was resolved without injury, thanks to the diligent care provided to the horse.

Accidents happen, even at the well-prepared Disney World. The woman involved in the incident was actually a cast member, responsible for security and safety. Her decision to intervene showcased her expertise and experience with horses. The rider, known as Merida, demonstrated exceptional horsemanship skills, swiftly and safely dismounting. Even though mistakes were made, the situation was handled efficiently, highlighting the importance of a well-trained and attentive team.

Witnessing this shocking video reminds us of the power and vulnerability of horses. Despite the potential danger, the collaborative efforts of the handlers and the brave spectators ensured a positive outcome. The disintegrated shoe on Angus’s left rear hoof serves as a testament to his incredible strength. Respect for these majestic animals and the need for responsible human actions are crucial to avoid such incidents in the future.