South Steens stallion “Valor” in Battle for Mares -The Ultimate Test of Strength

Prepare to be captivated by the intense battle for dominance and mares in the wild as we delve into the exhilarating world of South Steens stallion, “Valor.” In this awe-inspiring video, we witness Valor peacefully grazing with his four stunning mares against the backdrop of a rising sun on the South Steens range. Little did we know that the tranquil scene was about to erupt into a heart-pounding showdown.

Just as we were preparing to leave and continue our journey, Valor’s instincts kicked in, and he began running towards the West. The reason soon became apparent as a band of bachelor stallions led by the formidable 5-year-old Tauro was closing in. The battle was about to begin, with teeth gnashing and determination etched on their faces.

The clash between Valor and Tauro unfolded before our eyes, a dramatic display of power and rivalry. We watched in awe as they crossed the road right in front of us, their fierce struggle continuing up into the hills. Later, when we spotted them in the back country, the wounds from their intense fight were evident – Valor with battle scars on his throat and nose, and Tauro sporting a nasty gash on one of his legs.

Springtime on the range is a bustling period, filled with stallions vying for mares, mares giving birth to foals, and bachelor stallion bands forming. As passionate observers of these majestic creatures, we find ourselves learning something new with each visit. For nearly eight years, we have dedicated ourselves to watching and documenting this extraordinary herd on the South Steens, deepening our understanding of their complex dynamics.

Valor, born in the spring of 2012, is at the age where he aspires to have a band of his own, but he may not yet possess the strength to fend off rival bachelor stallions. However, his unwavering determination hints at his future success. One day, Valor will lead his own band, showcasing the resilience and spirit that defines him as a truly formidable stallion.

For those of us who cherish the wild mustang horses, this video is a testament to their indomitable spirit. As we witness their raw power and untamed beauty, we are compelled to dream of being part of their world, to run free alongside them and embrace the challenges they present. The wild mustangs ignite a fire within us, urging us to explore and connect with the untamed wilderness that lies within our souls.