Unexpected Friendship: Baby and Horse Cuddle in Heartwarming Video

If not for some minor details, we would think that this video is the end scene of a dramatic blockbuster movie. A gray sky, people around, the world seems chaotic, a baby walking toward a horse and the horse walking toward the baby. Putting some slow-motion effects would give you the perfect happy ending to a movie. A cuddle between a baby and his best friends. Really, what could be better?

Not a movie scene.

Maybe we all wanted a movie ending like this, but we just got it in a random video of the pool called The Internet. Not to worry, though. In a film or not, we all had the opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece of a video. This gives us smiles and even gives our hearts a good, stable feeling so we can remember and tell the story. “One day, I saw a random child and a horse hugging each other.

The video…

A family has visited one of those called a horse stable, and they are recording the journey so that they can create a beautiful memory later.

The baby gets curious about the magnificent creatures and decides to go toward one. This is when all thing starts. It seems that the horse knows the little one poses no danger. Just goodwill and start walking in his direction. Well, it seems the mind waves power is no more a debate.

After getting close to each other and turning off their curiosity, they hug sincerely. This gesture surprises the people that are present, but not only. It amazes us also.


The family took what they sought in that stable: a good memory, a sound recording, and a great friendship between their baby and an animal. But we, as distant viewers, also took what we were searching for when we saw the video: happiness, hope, faith, building feelings, lessons, a memory.

And the most crucial, a new quote from now forward: I have to cuddle you like a baby and a horse cuddle each other for the first time.

If that isn’t interesting?!

Now, stop being emotional and understand that this kind of interaction is also dangerous. A ton of things may happen that would endanger the baby. For example, the horse is not in goodwill and hurting the baby. That didn’t happen, so let’s return to being emotional and lesson-learning.


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Lesson to be learned

All we need in this life is to be a baby, be curious about everything, and love everything. So we can see self-fulfillment with simple matters.