Watch as Old Lady Dives into Freezing Water to Save Trapped Horse!

In a heartwarming rescue video, an old woman proves that the bond between horses and humans knows no bounds. The video begins with the horse, named CD, stuck under a pool cover with very little room to move. Thankfully, the cover has been removed when the video starts, capturing the moment of the daring rescue.

Horses and their human companions share a special connection that transcends all obstacles. This equestrian, shown in the video, exemplifies this deep bond. Without hesitation, she jumps into the cold water to save CD, putting his safety above everything else.

CD found himself in a precarious situation after escaping from his barn and accidentally falling into the pool. He couldn’t free himself and was in a desperate state. But luck was on his side as Denise Casares, a dedicated horse trainer, arrived just in time to lend a helping hand.

Despite not being dressed for such a rescue, Denise fearlessly dives into the cold water to save CD. Her love and concern for the horse override any discomfort she may feel. After a few tense moments, CD finally follows Denise’s guidance and manages to get out of the pool with her assistance.

The rescue of CD serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible bond between horses and humans. It showcases the selflessness and dedication of those who put their horses’ well-being above their own. Watch the full rescue video, “Lucky 13 Horse Rescue Part 2,” and witness this touching act of heroism that saved CD’s life.

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