Watch this cute and energetic foal fooling around

Cute Mare and the strong foal are outside

It’s a lovely day to be outside. A mare and a hyperactive foal have emerged.
The foal is powerful and full of vigor while the mother attempts to eat on fresh grass.
She leaps and runs around the field as she pleases.

This scene’s beauty is nearly murderous.

Cute foal and mare

This cuteness

The adorable foal and mare appear to be extremely similar at first sight.
But there is a significant difference between them.
While the mare attempts to feed in order to supply the baby with milk, the foal is highly active and uninterested in feeding.
The foal enjoys racing around the green-barred pasture.

Foal jumping

As if that wasn’t enough, the foal walks a few meters away from the mare, which unsettles her. So, despite the fact that the mare is chewing grass, the mare constantly keeps an eye on the young one and approaches whenever he departs more than normal.

Mare following the foal

Quarrelsome Foal

However, the foal is insufficient. Apart from the fact that he has the freedom to do anything he wants, this time what he wants is a confrontation with the mare. He approaches and tries to get up on her head with the first two legs. For a brief period, it appeared to be a successful attempt, but he quickly departed to return and pose for us in the end.

the foal playing with the mare

The Lesson

The fact is that the foal is only playing and is quite active.
We’ve also said in previous blogs that if a foal is highly active and lively, it’s powerful and healthy.
The foal care team, including the mare, is doing an excellent job!


Absolute good looking foal

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