Watch this horse recieve high-tech physiotherapy for peak performance!

In all the horse training centers or in the private stables of people who admire and care for horses there, you will find the best treatment methods for pre- or post-training. This is if you want your horse to perform well in running, dancing, and all the events constantly made for horse activities.

Those training methods, equipment, or facilities are of the highest standards that technology can offer.

The health of the horse is the health of the stable. This way of talking is used a lot in between horse lovers’ conversations.

In the video, we show a process where a horse gets a little treat after doing well in training. The treatment has to do with the stretches of the muscles after exercise. The equipment used is a high-technology magna-waver, which stimulates the horse by sending electrical pulses through the horse’s back muscles. After stimulating the horse, he starts stretching to maintain muscles and tendons.

The limits of this method are not just to maintain the horse’s health but also to treat injuries like tendon and ligament injuries, sore back, sore stifles, etc. (more info).

As mentioned, this treatment is not done only when the horse has any injury or is unhealthy but also to maintain health.

Think of it as physiotherapy for horses. Reduce the stress on muscles.

So the horse’s treatment in the video doesn’t mean that the horse is injured. It just means that they are maintaining the form of the horse, which leads us to believe that the beautiful and majestic horse is in good hands.


On the other hand, we encourage our readers to learn more about health-maintaining treatments if they think to take or buy a horse. It is needed and does cost nothing to learn.


But we don’t recommend buying and applying those treatments since they need professionalism. However, there are a lot of veterinarian clinics that offer this service, too, at pretty reasonable prices.

Going back to the video content, we see the horse who is just enjoying the treatment. The fact that the horse feels comfortable shows how much the horse likes the procedure. So there is no need to worry about something that doesn’t make the horse feel uncomfortable.

Again, healthy horses mean a healthy ranch. Keep your horses healthy.