Woman Places Stuffed Pony In A Field And Captures Her Horse’s Reaction On Camera

These two ladies wanted to see how a horse would react if they left a stuffed baby horse in the paddock with her. At first the horse is curious who this youngster might be, but soon realizes it’s not a horse at all.

“Gypsy is my horse. I have had her for almost 15 years. She is about to have her 3rd baby,” writes Gypsy’s mom. “We had this stuffed horse out that we were going to donate to goodwill. My friend Karley said she had a friend with a daughter who loves horses and she’d give it to her. Well we went out with the horse to take to Karley’s car and stopped to check on Gypsy and that’s when Gypsy noticed it. So we decided to put it out there to see what she would do!”