“All Hell Break Loose” As Riders Are Cantering Along And Training

There are four horses in this lesson and one in particular is very sensitive to all rain elements. As there was a training and horses were calmly cantering one of them spooked and bucked his rider off upon thunder in a distance. Then what follows is the domino effect, the second horse also spooked and threw the rider off, followed by the third horse and the fourth.

Only one rider barely managed to stay hanging on the horse’s neck. The video was cut off shortly after the last rider fell. It is really strange how one horse gets spooked and all the others start to freak out and it is unbelievable how these huge majestic horses spook so easily but this is their natural instinct and they cannot help it. Despite being frightened, the girl responded perfectly.

She got thrown off and instantly stayed where she landed, didn’t move and didn’t try to run out of the way or after any of the horses. She waited until the horses calmed down on their own, she didn’t add to the stress or pressure by trying to catch any of them showing to be a real rider. Watch the video for more!

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