Cuteness! A Sweet pony loves being bum scratched

The video presents a sweet pony that is being scratched on his back by the owner. It is bright brown and white-colored and seems to be a sweetie the little pony shows that he wants to get attention and love being essential for his wellbeing. The owner is also happy to play with him on the farm and get contact, also become friends.

The baby pony loves to get attention, he jumps and jumps to get attention and affection from his owner. His fur is fluffy and has a unique color that makes him so, so special. It is essential to have a baby pony for a walk every day and it is precious every moment that is spent with him. Also, kids are in love with little ponies and parents have no stress as while playing or showing affection the animal will not hurt the kids.

They are harmless and in love with them. Ponies are generally considered intelligent and friendly. They are sometimes also described as stubborn or cunning.

“If your child likes animals and you’re concerned about that child’s problem solving, goal-setting, or decision-making skills, then definitely get him or her involved with horses,” says Ann Swinker, a professor in Animal Science at Penn State University and one of the study’s co-authors.

An earlier study, conducted by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, found that 4-H horse shows were much more than just an enjoyable activity for children.

“Clearly,” says Kathy Anderson, Ph.D., the study’s author, “participating in these shows enhances important skills, including goal-setting, self-reliance, and follow-through.”

Handling, riding, and caring for a horse or pony can develop a host of positive traits in a child, including responsibility, accountability, patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline.”

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