Miniature horse playing catch me if you can with a cat

If you are not an equestrian at heart and don’t have the time and space to dedicate to a large horse, miniature horses can make excellent companion animals. While they look similar to their cousin, the Pony, miniature ponies are classed as horses because they are bred to be miniature replicas of full-grown horses. Ponies are stocky, with short legs, thick necks, and fluffy manes and tails. Miniature horses, on the other hand, typically have all the refined features of larger horses.

Miniature ponies make a great pet. They are easily trained, have a gentle nature, and can pull four times their own weight. And they are incredibly playful, as we can see in the video. These horses are descended from Shetland ponies and were selectively inbred for their size.

In earlier times, small horse breeds were likely the products of surviving harsh natural climates and limited feed sources. However, as human knowledge of genetics grew, it became possible to breed specifically for size. The result is a proportionate miniature horse suitable for various uses: as pets, show animals, and a form of therapy for disabled people and guides for the blind.

There are aspects of Miniature Horse care that are very similar to the large breed horse. Obesity is one of the largest obstacles in this breed, and regular exercise and feed restriction relative to size is necessary to sustain health. Routine maintenance of their teeth, their feet, and their vaccination and deworming schedules should be similar to those of their larger counterparts. Their size can work for them and against them, and a knowledge of their unique health considerations is valuable to anyone considering adding one to their herd.

Minis are friendly, but they’re also playful and curious. If they learn that they can sneak out through the fencing, they’ll likely do it again and again. So it’s best to secure your fence before you bring your mini home to avoid future problems. A mini might not be as fast as a standard-sized horse, but they still have impressive skills when playing catch-me-if-you-can, like this pony is playing with this cat.