Rider Tries His Best To Not Fall From His Horse’s Back

All of us spend a lot of time riding horses on a daily basis, it is one of the activities that we like doing the most during our free time and for some people who work full time or who are occupied with a lot of things, it is a real struggle to find some time for doing it.


In the current situation that we are right now, I believe the majority of riders are respecting all the rules and regulations imposed by the majority of countries in the world and they are staying home so the situation with the common enemy that the whole world has, CoronaVirus does not get worse. It is a struggle for everyone to spend weeks isolated, however, it is the only way to continue life normally and not spread the virus even more.


Only through following the rules and thinking that we are strong enough and Corona won’t do us even if we don’t stay at home is wrong and all people need to know that. A lot of you would like to go for a horse ride, however, every single move that you make, even going for a horse ride can make the situation worse. Take Italy for instance, the country did not take it seriously and now the situation with CoronaVirus there is bad.


Hopefully, the countries that are not strongly affected yet will learn something from this. Take this as an opportunity to stay home and enjoy the time with your loved ones and of course, through watching beautiful horse movies and videos online. Below you will be able to watch a very entertaining video. The horse is sure enough that he will be able to knock his rider off his back however the last one is determined to stay.


During the video, you will see different attempts from the horse to knock the rider off, however, all of them will be unsuccessful as the rider is trained for such a situation. I believe that the majority of riders wouldn’t be able to stay on. Please have a look at the video and share your opinion with us.